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Pomona 'Ride and Drive' event reactions

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Had the privilege of attending the Ride and Drive event in Pamona, CA on 7/17. Signed up for the Pro Pilot 2 experience.
Excuse the brevity or colloquial phrases I use. I'm VERY new to EV's and I'm sure I don't get it as well as some of you do.

There were 2 models on view/demo at this event.
  1. Evolve+ - Grey Boulder
  2. Premiere+ - White Pearl
  1. Tent
    1. We got to sit in and walk around the Grey Evolve+ (more basic set up)
    2. Good height and body to this car!
    3. Snacks, water, and a breathalyzer provided
  2. Ride
    1. A driver took us out for a ride along surface streets and some freeway driving to show off the braking and ProPilot Assist 2.0 functionality
    2. Demonstrated their "Blue route" system (I can't remember if that's what its called, but it's how I remember it). Whish would be the closest to autonomous driving. You do not need hands on the wheel as long as you are on a "blue route"
      1. Will not work with google/apple car play
        1. Was told that there shouldn't be a subscription fee to use the Nissan maps for 3-5 years, but could see subscriptions in the future.
      2. I asked if we could see a list or map of approved blue routes, but was kind of dismissed/not answered. Maybe I didn't phrase my question well
      3. Demonstrated the "Green Route" feature. When you encounter construction of alterations to a blue route, the care will shift to "green route" Which requires your hands to be on the wheel, but will stay on your planned route.
        1. I was told that Cal Trans is providing updates on known construction for approved blue routes.
      4. Demonstrated all 3 levels of braking
      5. VERY quiet, comfortable and smooth ride along some of So Cal's trashiests freeways ;)
      6. Car failed to auto lane change multiple times. No car's in the blind spots. No indication of why it would not change lanes. Driver was confused by this experience as well.
    3. Demonstrated the auto parking feature
      1. I guess its cool. Took longer than necessary tho.
  3. Drive
    1. Got to drive the Premiere+ along a short course
      1. Pedal to the floor - Does not have that punch/jerk into motion that I expected. But was very smooth and felt strong.
      2. Pedal off - Epedal engaged, car does not come to a full stop.
        1. This will actually be kind of rad in bumper to bumper traffic. The car WILL come to a full stop with the adaptive cruise control on.
      3. Curvy road - FUN!
      4. "bus stop" - less curvy road?
      5. Bumps - they had some cut of flat tires on the road for us to drive over.
      6. Park
What I learned
  1. My late Jan reservation (#25xxx) may not arrive until Q2 of 2023
    1. That took ALL the wind out of this event for me. I'm heartbroken... and impatient I guess
  2. The charging cable is 10 to12 ft in length
  3. My Premiere+ model wont have that cool remote control car key fob that allows you to pull the car forward/backward remotely
  4. The Ariya can be a WIFI hotspot for passengers? (How is that possible?!)
Forgot to ask how long the car can sit in the garage/out in the woods before it completely dies. SO let me know if you have an answer to this.
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I attended the same event in Pomona and can confirm mostly everything in the first post. Made my reservation on 11/16 - the Nissan reps estimated delivery would be November/December. Our test car made the auto lane change successfully over 3 lanes to exit the freeway. Super quiet ride even on freeways at high speeds for sure - only really discernible road noise were motorcycles. E-step was interesting - coming from an ICE car, it slows the car down much more quickly than I expect when I take my foot off the gas. Didn't experience or learn anything during the event that changed my mind about purchasing the car though, still pretty excited to eventually get it.
My Premiere+ model wont have that cool remote control car key fob that allows you to pull the car forward/backward remotely
I’ve seen that feature in online videos and when I asked they said it won’t be available in the US on any models.
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