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Popping Noise w/ iPhone + USB-C > Lightning Cable

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(Disclaimer/disclosure: I work for Apple, Inc.)

I'm getting a popping/crackle noise through the speakers when listening to audio from my iPhone 12 Pro connected to my Evolve+ via USB-C > Lightning cable. Happens when streaming from Apple Music, Audible, and Stitcher (these are my everyday audio apps). I thought it might be the cable, so I swapped it out for a different (brand new) USB-C > Lightning and got the same popping noise. I then tried via Bluetooth — no noise. Also tried with my iPhone connected via USB-A > Lightning — no noise. Seems to just be the USB-C connection.

Note: The first USB-C > Lightning cable was an Apple cable. The second was a Mophie cable.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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