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The big question is what dealers will actually sell your preorder to you for? The Ioniq 5 reservation holders are seeing $5K over MSRP or more with inventory cars that are pre-configured.

I have an ID.4 on order for over 7 months and they are now saying mid-2022 for delivery. VW dealers are pretty much sticking to MSRP with maybe the doc fee being extra.

The Ariya is looking better every moment. Especially if the price is fixed at no more than MSRP.
I hope there isn't a markup as well. For the Mach E the forum compiled a list of dealerships that weren't charging a markup and/or honoring different discount plans which caused some folks to switch their chosen dealership on their online order. I was able to get my ordered Mach E below MSRP because the dealership honored the discount plan for it. I have very high hopes for this car and I hope dealerships don't go crazy (and that interest on car loans isn't too crazy by next year due to inflation). As we get further in the process I will probably call my chosen dealership and ask about a markup.
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