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Roof rack?

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Has anyone in the US found a roof rack for the Ariya? We want to use a cargo box on road trips. We had a Yakima rack installed but the wind noise was so bad we returned it.
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I purchased the Nissan one because Thule North America does not list the adapters yet.
I needed one right now for my road bike.
Quality of the Nissan rack is so-so. Especially the locks, which are only made of plastic. Totally useless.
Being a Thule customer for decades, I do not recommend the Nissan rack. Wait if you can.
If you look carefully at the top of the door jamb just below the roof, you'll see a small hole. This is where the OEM rack is getting attached to the car, preventing thieves from pulling on the legs that fits between the door frame and the jamb.
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