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SAT Antenna Error?

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Any ideas? (Photo attached)
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Any ideas? (Photo attached) View attachment 2182
I haven’t even set up nissanconnect yet, but I don’t know what to do…
Is your XM Sirius activated?
No, I never got any signal out of it… it’s a brand new car and was picked up on a Saturday… I just think that Nissan hasn’t released the vehicle from the dealership… (they probably do that so that no one can set up Nissan connect on a test drive and take the car after hours…)
You're the first to encounter that one. Most likely you'll need to take it in and have it looked at. It could just be a connection that came loose, or perhaps a bad antenna.
I think Nissan has it in “dealership/manufacturing mode” still and it can’t be set up until “It reaches the consumer”… I think that as I picked it up late on a Saturday and this post started that day, but todays Monday, and we’ll see what happens…
If you have someone with an OBD port reader you might see if there is a code showing there to give you some guidance.
Thanks! Will look into that if all else fails…
Any ideas? (Photo attached) View attachment 2182
UPDATE Nissan Connect Confirmed works over Wifi, other than that, not much to say at the moment... Nissan Connect might use LTE and SAT, but I'm not entirely sure yet... the app will let me see the vehicle's location even out of wifi range, so perhaps my troubleshooting may have partially fixed it... the Nissan EV Phone support (877-664-2738) said that the dealer might have forgotten to remove a transport fuse, not allowing the accessories on for a long period of time so the battery doesn't die in transport... maybe that addresses my issue with the 12V green blinking light to stay on for 1-3 hours after vehicle shut down... Let me know what you guys think! Thanks!
yes, but SiriusXM says SAT Antenna error
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