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My last car was a Nissan Pathfinder and I miss all of the storage places that car had. I found a possible solution for storing small items (mints, gun, toothpicks, etc.) in the Ariya. "Small Parts Box (Tactix CON320022 for $7.99 at the Container Store). It fits in the center glove box (as long as you keep the top tray/lid open). Please see the attached pics.

What is everyone else using? Any clever storage tips & tricks?

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Does the “secret compartment” close with that in there?
It does (but you can't close the internal compartment cover)
This is a great idea! I also like to keep all those odds and ends contained. Now I want to go to Container Store.
It's not a perfect solution (the compartment top doesn't close) and there is still space on the side. Hoping other Ariya owners share what they are doing for storage as well.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts