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The Arri Has Landed

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I'm stoked to say I brought her home yesterday.

The car is magnificent. The Northern Lights color tone is a feast for the eyes to behold. Everyone at the dealership was amazed by the color variations in the sunlight. And the interior is luxurious and of high qualify craftsmanship/materials, as reported on this forum.

I moved my reservation to Douglass NISSAN of Waco, TX in Feb 2022 after calling around to confirm MSRP and no dealer add-ons. Ray, their Internet Sales Manager, kept me updated and was a pleasure to work with over the last year. Yesterday's purchase process with Eric and team was a slight learning process for all of us but ran smoothly and without any hassle. I arrived with my laptop (for Ariya portal login), insurance card, and reference print outs of instructions for the $500 deposit and the $1240 reservationist discount (screencap from my Ariya portal), and provided the NISSAN dealer support number (855.639.8496) for them to sort the $1240 procedure. I applied the $500 deposit discount myself through the URL
( Afterwards, they provided a final sales statement for the car (MSRP, no dealer adds, TT&L) with line items for both discounts, which I then happily payed ($3500 on a CC and remainder in cash). Easy breezy.

I drove it home ~1hr on the interstate in PP2.0 mode and fell in love. A comfy, quiet interior, gorgeous design & color, and chock full of high tech. It absolutely checks all the boxes in my book.

If you're on the fence on holding your reservation, just wait until you interact with Ariya IRL and decide from there.

Big props to the Douglass NISSAN team!


Premiere trim
Northern Lights paint
Premiere Carpets
Rez # 18xxx
Ordered 12/13/21

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Vehicle registration plate

Font Handwriting Material property Rectangle Gas
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I am SOOO bummed that the Northern Lights color (or gun metal too) were not available for the Platinum+. Congrats on your new Ariya! The color looks AWESOME!
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Beautiful. Having owned 2 Leafs, I can't wait for the Ariya. I am hoping that the Platinum AWD will be at our Portland OR based dealer in "early 2023", as promised, but am disappointed that the dealer has no information on when the AWD will arrive.
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