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Tracking the Ariya issues and time to fix them

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As the Ariya becomes more available and in use, it will be interesting to track how Nissan handles issues users report - what balance are hardware vs software, and, if deemed software-related, when and how over-the-air software updates are pushed, and see if the noted issue, whatever it is, gets fixed.
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I hope by the time my E-Force is delivered someone at the dealership knows how to fix them!馃槵馃
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I expect them to be quite cautious on OTA updates and only release critical updates or fixes, at the risk of upsetting their entire Ariya fleet. I bet they tip toe very gently into this field until they get more experience. As much as I would love to see new features or new options released, I have zero expectation that will happen. Software changes require a LOT of QA and regression testing and even then bugs are missed. I will be pleasantly surprised to be wrong but that鈥檚 where my expectations are starting out. No where to go but up.
When Apple CarPlay had very scratchy audio on my 2022 Leaf, I brought it to the dealer, but they were clueless. I then tried contacting Nissan USA Corporate on Facebook Messenger and actually got good traction. A month or two later I was invited to bring my Leaf to my local dealership, for a recently released update, and happened to be one of the first to get it. A couple hours later the update was done. The dealership was ready for me, as Corporate and already coordinated with the dealership.

Bottom line - I have found contacting a company via FaceBook Messenger actually seems to get favorable results. Wonder if we might benefit from doing the same with Ariya issues?
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