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Visited a demo room yesterday

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Hello from Sweden! Yesterday the Ariya Evolve (the pretty well equipped model) but without all wheel drive visited my town so I could see it, sit in it and try some functionality.

I am 193 cm long and my biggest fear was the internal height. Forgot to make a measurement but I didn't have any problems sitting both in the driver and passenger seat as well as the backseat despite the panoramic roof. The latter was really a suprise!

I had quite high expectations from all the positive YouTube tests but I was pleasantly surprised by the "total" feeling from sitting in it. It gave me a much better experience than the ionic 5 or Ev6 but that is of course a subjective opinion. It is different from those two though.

The haptic controls I could definitely live without --- worse than I expected --- but the rest is a very coherent design. The screens are very nice and the HUD seems ok. The Bose stereo sounds to be able to be enough for my needs (I have a BMW F11 with Harman Kardon today).

The settings menu seemed "deep" with a lot to set. I created five different users and everything including seats and HUD is adjusted according to the select user.

Pondering whether I should choose the pearl blue, red och pearl white with light grey interior. The black looked better than I thought it would but I think I would go for light grey despite it being more prone to be miscolored.

The back seat support can be tilted relaxed or more upright.

The windshield heating was wired while I expected it to be invisible (silver plating). The threads are tiny but they are still visible. VW has had "wireless" since a few years.
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