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Watch Nissan Engineers Test The Ariya Electric SUV

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Here Nissan engineers show how they're fine tuning the Ariya for improved performance and comfort.

The Nissan Ariya is put to the test
April 2, 2021
Expert team evaluates Nissan’s electric crossover SUV for comfort and driving excitement
In the snow-covered landscape of Japan’s northern-most main island, the Nissan Ariya is being put to task. During the development phase, Nissan’s Chief Vehicle Assessment Specialists (CVAS) drive, maneuver, listen and feel the performance of development vehicles in a series of tests.

Nissan’s Hokkaido Proving Ground is the perfect setting to judge acceleration, ride handling and quietness with several real-world road conditions including winding roads, steep inclines, and various road surfaces.

Watch the embedded video to learn how the CVAS teams’ evaluation provides new insights into customer expectations and how they are pushing the Ariya to further elevate the driving experience for both driver and passengers.
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Apparently you need to put tape over the charge port door to improve aerodynamics. 🙂
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