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What should tire be inflated to??

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I found these in the owners manual page 8-22 and 10-5
Font Rectangle Number Parallel Pattern
Font Parallel Rectangle Number Pattern
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I will check my door panel, but I was drawing attention to conflicting information in the owners manual ( for those of us that read it 馃榿 )
Well, my door panel says 41 psi, but it was delivered with 46 psi. There is a note that tells me to refer to the owners manual for more information. I do have the heated steering wheel. The car is heavier than most so 46 would be understandable. The jury is still out for me.
Some food for thought and good insight. Your mention of the tpms got me thinking about the Easy Fill Tire Alert. I haven鈥檛 used it but they only referenced a designated pressure and not a value. Anyone used it? My preference would be for comfort so I will make like Tom Brady and start deflating.
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1 - 4 of 17 Posts