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I have been following a similar thread concerning whether or not the IRS guidelines released last week actually intended to omit the transition provision that would impact our Ariya purchases made in 2023. Specifically I would like to share my not so humble opinion on a related matter after reading one forum members frustration that Nissan didn’t seem to be rushing to our aid to save the day. IMO this whole mess was created by a legislative failure, not a car manufacturers failure. I would rarely defend the IRS either. However, in this case they continue to be tasked with a fast tracked job attempting to interpret this convoluted IRA hand that they were dealt just a few short months ago.
To review what we signed up for as we entered into the Ariya reservation process initiated November 2021 - If you were like me the only tax credit equation I was concerned about was whether or not Nissan Leaf sales would reach the 200K sold threshold before I could take delivery of my Ariya. Then summer of 2022 we started hearing rumblings that the EV tax credit rule could change in a hurry as of course it did. Obviously, Nissan, Hyundai, Fisker and others soon found that all their EV production forecasting was lin peril. And that’s where we are today…..the IRS continues to try and unpack what I and others believe was a poorly crafted haphazard approach within the EV segment of this bill.
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bro, there's literally a thread on the exact same topic with a very lengthy discussion.
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bro, there's literally a thread on the exact same topic with a very lengthy discussion.
If you look closely you’ll see that I have contributed several times to that space. If you read closely you see that I was reacting to reacting to forum members comments a
Not sure what’s going on with the forum but lately I’m receiving an error message each time I attempt to correct or post a reply?
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