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XM Satellite $22.99 after trial

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They give you 3 months free then say 3 month bonus after they get all your info: Then!!!!$22.99 a month. I have had XM for many years beleive it or not they stlil play same music over and over just like FM. The only reason I have it is I pay$5-$6 a month. They give you this rate for 6 months then you have to call them and say STICK with my price or I will drop XM. It is a pain to call them every 6 months. (But it works)Also tell them not to keep your credit card on file. I just write down date call couple days before expiration and renew I have done this for 8 years+. Good Luck
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I have done the same with only paying that much lower price for a few years. They have been offering 12 months for about $6/month lately. I cancelled all XM tho and just use music streaming apps. I have YouTube Music and my Husband has Pandora. Not car dependent and you can listen to what you want where you want.
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