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My Leafs didn’t report ~10% range shortfalls like the Ariya does, or require e-Pedal to report full range at 100%. The Ariya’s being driven/charged in a climate with 60-degree daily temperatures, no significant load, etc. My experience is markedly less than what was marketed, even without being used in snow or lots of other weight.

Based on the independent testing spreadsheet shared earlier in this forum, it looks like Nissan may have some history of overstating range by 11%? In any case, advertising a car’s range based on what a bone-thin driver might get with hypermile techniques and no load strikes me as ridiculous.
The estimated range on the window sticker is legally required to be the range derived using EPA's well-defined testing regime, regardless of how realistic (or unrealistic) that testing regime might be. The requirements are the same for all makes and models, making it useful as a comparison between cars more so than a true estimate of what any individual driver will achieve. My ICE Honda Pilot never, in 140K miles, achieved it's EPA estimated gas mileage with me driving. My wife, on the other hand, routinely exceeds EPA estimated mileage. She drives a lot slower and less aggressively than I do.
Here's some information on that testing for EVs:

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We went for a big loop around TN and north GA over the weekend looking for a dealer that could actually sell us an Ariya (they won't) and I test drove 3 different Engage trims which of course all have the smaller 63kwh battery. The first one was indicating 155 miles at 83% SOC, the 2nd was showing 224 miles at 98% and the 3rd was 215 miles at 89%. If you extrapolate these numbers out for 100% SOC (186, 228 and 241) I guess it's possible the Ariya's "GOM" has some bugs to work out.
I guess if you really want to know what's going on maybe try a 55mph range test and see what you get.
The real world energy available is just that so It should be close to 289 miles at those speeds regardless of what the app thinks it is.
I don't think there is any bug in the calculation of mile/range in my experience. What you have experienced was 3 different vehicles driven or used by multiple people. One of those vehicles might have been idle for longer another one was driven normally, third might have been driven softer. The calculation takes into consideration how many kW/mile was used. So based on that it will display that if you drive this way then you could achieve this range with this charge. These get updated after each trip. You could see that also once you turn the vehicle off. Next time it will show the updated range.
My best range is 5.75 miles/kw. To get EPA s 304-mile range, you will need to drive a minimum of 3.49 miles/kW. Even on the highway going 70 mi per hour for 50 miles I have achieved 3.74 mi/kW. After calculating manually all the miles from my previous charge till now, I can confirm that it is displaying correctly.

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Hi guys, I have the ARIYA Evolve+ with an extended battery range of 289 miles.
Anytime I charge it, I get a range of 218 miles on my Nissan Connect dashboard and the same on the car's dashboard.
I have tried reaching out to Nissan several times for help but no one from Customer Care seems to have answers.
I was told to contact my dealer and my dealer is also saying I should contact Nissan.
Any help on this issue will help and I want to know if anyone else is experiencing this as well. View attachment 1066
Ignore the ‘miles’ it’s a guess like all EVs, you haven’t had degradation the Guess ‘O Meter (GOM) is exactly that.
Get used to the % battery it’s much more of an indicator as to range.

The GOM can only give a guide based on state of charge, how the car is driven, temperature and topology. When the weather warms up the GOM will become more optimistic.
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